Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ceilings - The Fifth Wall

You can make a bigger design statement with the ceilings, a.k.a., the fifth wall of a room.  It's not unusual to see the fifth wall with a special treatment of some sort ... painted, papered, moldings or some combination of those.  Sometimes the room may just feel not quite finished if the ceiling is ignored.  I frequently look at pictures of decorated rooms on the web and, looking back, find that most of the pictures I save are those with a treated ceiling.  Look at the wood treatments on the ceilings of these two dining rooms.  Although the rooms appear to be large and have high ceilings, they still feel warm and inviting.  I love the one on the left.

Paint is the easiest and the most versital way to make an impact on your fifth wall.  There are thousands of colors, color combinations, treatments and finishes.  Your imagination is the limit.  Look at the beautiful bronze glow this ceiling provides for this dramatic staircase.  It just wouldn't be the same if left white.

Paint and moldings make the room's decor a little more special.  The picture on the left is a corner of my dining room ceiling.  I liked using the two shades of paint and notching the corners of the trim to provide depth and interest.  The ceiling of the bedroom gives more of an island feel to the room.

Look how fun the lattice makes this sunroom.

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  1. I love all those photos. You need a picture of my dining room ceiling. Or my crazy kitchen ceiling!