Saturday, February 25, 2012

Creative Lighting Solutions

As with all necessary design elements, we find a way to make them better, more attractive, or interesting.  Last month I visited a fabric/decorating store in Richmond VA and they had some really great lighting hanging up in their store.  The first chandelier pictured has wine bottles as the decorative element.  The one on the left has the bottles loaded to create a shade, so you could use bottles in a particular color scheme to complete your decor.  As you can see, on the right is the lighting "frame" sans bottles.

This rustic chandelier would work perfectly in a less formal dining room or perhaps in a high ceiling great room.

I LOVE this lighting....soooo glamorous.  Either of these could really add some sparkle to your space!

The geometric overlay on this drum style pendant chandelier is a great way to update a transitional or modern room.

These pendant lights found on are used over a kitchen island.  They are based on a design used in offices, factories, and stations in the 1940s.  I love the glowing hammered finish.

This Sputnik ceiling light, found on, was designed in the 1950s based on, you guessed it, a space craft. 

And who can forget the shiny brass lighting from the 1980s and 90s.  Although I have nothing against traditional lighting... I'm glad we moved on to more creative options.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Unusual Design Elements

Sometimes it just works to throw a totally unexpected object into your room design.  It creates a unique space that can have alot of meaning to those who occupy the room.  We've all seen the really cool things that people come up with for children's rooms, but what about the everyday rooms we use as adults?  I found these images from House Beautiful and just had to share them.  How are some ways that you've used an otherwise out of place object in your room designs?

If I had a vacation home on the water, I'd love these two design ideas! 

I like that the designer used a French oak easel as a TV stand...its creative and can also be moved easily.