Friday, December 9, 2011

Tree Trimming

Some people like to start something new at the beginning of the year, and if I'd procrastinated enough, I would be starting this blog in January.  But, I'm jumping in and starting here in December along with all the holiday madness.  My first post is about the newly inherited Christmas tree we received from my husband's aunt and uncle.  They are downsizing and we are, consequently "up sizing" from the cute little tree we've used over the last few years.

When we acquired this tree I immediately knew I wanted to make it a "fancy" tree - meaning lovely new decorations that somehow go together and make you want to say "oohhh" when you see it all lit up.  I'm mostly inspired by seeing my friend and neighbor decorate her Christmas tree every year.  Her tree is beautiful with it's lovely ribbons, glass ornaments and things I thought only florists used.  It stands there, elegantly glowing in its little white lights.

When choosing my decorations I went with the colors that I use in my home because those are the colors I'm most drawn to.  So here's my "fancy" Christmas tree with its gold, bronze and copper colored balls and coordinating ribbon.  It was fun finding ornaments and decorating it.  My favorite ornaments are pair of peacocks with real feathers.

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